We believe that each meal must be special. Indopangan’s professionals are dedicated to answering the demands of chefs and food service operators. Together we strive to provide consumers with more delicious and nutritious choices. For that purpose, other than our in-house brands, we also provide customized products for our clients.


Our specialized solutions include custom-made condiments and packaging that are specially created to meet their needs or match specific dishes. We pride ourselves for every satisfied client, celebrated restaurants and each meal we made perfect.

Private Label Packaging

    We can private label package your custom blended product in batch sized packaging for industrial processing, or in flexible packaging for institutional or retail packs.

Custom Food Ingredients

    Specializes in custom dry blended seasonings, spices, salad dressing, and many other food ingredients. We provide you with the highest quality custom blended products using the finest ingredients available with prompt turnaround time. From receiving your order to shipping your custom blended product, consistency and quality are our standards.

We work hand in hand with our customers to create the perfect custom dry blend seasoning
for your company needs. We can create or match custom spices and deliver the right ingredients to you.